Business areas

Redondo y Garcia is the trusted provider of some of the most important companies and institutions in different business areas such as:


  • “Turnkey” building of hospitals, maternity hospitals and health centers. Advice and consultancy services for the design and implementation of these centers.
  • Supply of medicalized hospitals and mobile units.
  • Clinical laboratory equipment.
  • Provision of hospital equipment and general services (morgue, kitchen-cafeteria, office furniture, laundry).
  • Equipment for disease prevention and emergencies.


  • “Turnkey” buildiing of Educational Centers:

–  Primary and secondary education.

–  Vocational training centers.

–  Universities.

–  Sports facilities.


  • Provision of educational equipment for all educational levels (machinery, training material, equipment, furniture and tools for different occupational workshops and laboratories).
  • Supply of kitchen equipment, catering equipment and furniture for schools canteens and catering companies.
  • Education and skills training of teachers and students.
  • Cooperation and technical assistance in the design of comprehensive educational plans.

Construction and public works

  • Public works: roads and bridges.
  • Real estate developments: housing, offices, malls, hotels
  • Supply of machinery for Public Works: equipment for civil works, installation of asphalt and concrete plants, probing and drilling machinery, rural roads building squads …
  • Supply of building materials: windows, aluminum, tiles and coating, ceilings, bathroom equipment and plumbing, electrical equipment, doors, wood, paint.
  • Supply of small machinery and tools: welding, generators, pneumatic tools, lifting systems, hand tools, electrical tools and cutting tools, signaling devices, adhesives.
  • Supply of protection and safety equipment

Water and sanitation

  • Turnkey rural and urban water purification projects.
  • Urban water supply and distribution network systems.
  • Treatment plants and wastewater reuse.
  • Mobile water treatment plants. Drinking water supply in emergencies.
  • Water collection works. Usage of drilling methods. Construction of public fountains, toilets and laundries
  • Management of urban waste collection and treatment.
  • Sewage systems.
  • Supply of cleaning crews. Garbage collection vehicles. Street furniture.
  • Supply of pipes and plumbing fixtures.


  • Generation: hydroelectric generators, generators, power units.
  • Transmission: high-voltage lines, substations.
  • Distribution: medium and low voltage distriburion network, street lighting.
  • Solar generation projects.
  • Solar electrification programs.
  • Public lighting systems.
  • Solar generation solutions for public institutions: schools, health centers, public buildings.

Farming and livestock

  • Irrigation systems.
  • Greenhouses.
  • Slaughterhouses.
  • Food products quality control laboratorios.
  • Egg laying facilities.
  • Construction and equipment of buildings for preservation of food: warehouses, silos, freezing chambers, industrial cold instalations.
  • Processing plants.
  • Supply of vehicles, equipment and farm tools: s plows tillers harvesters trailers irrigation programmers hoses pumps sprayers chainsaws brushcutters …
  • Supply of machinery for public works crews working on rehabilitation of rural roads and rural land preparation for farming.

Industrial development

  • Design and construction of industrial parks and technology centers.
  • Cement, concrete or asphalt plants.
  • Workshops for processing wood, aluminum and plastic. Supply of specialized machinery: lathes, presses, saws, sanders, files, …
  • Vehicle repair workshops, with complete set of machinery and tools: lifting machinery, tools for bodywork, mechanical and electrical diagnostic equipment, pneumatic tolos.
  • Workshops for collection and treatment of industrial oils.
  • Supply of machinery, tools and workplace safety elements for the oil, gas and mining industries.


  • Delivery and implementation of infrastructure solutions for telecommunications and energy, low-cost and hybrid sites, switching and control centers.
  • Supply of self supporting base stations.
  • Delivery and implementation of “turnkey” solutions of medium and long range fiber optic backbone networks, metropolitan area networks.
  • Supply and installation of aerial systems and antenna towers for TV and radio broadcasting and mobile phone networks. Specific solutions serving customer requirements of single-band or multiband antennas, directional and omnidirectional antennas. Site camouflage.

Emergency response, law enforcement and defense

  • Emergency supplies: refugee camps, tents, beds, linens and hygiene kits, field kitchens and household kits, mobile toilets and showers, prefabricated warehouses, power generation units, lighting solutions, mobile water treatment, all-terrain elevators.
  • Rescuers and high altitude troops: harnesses, helmets, ropes, specialized clothing, backpacks, rescue tripods.
  • Medical and paramedical equipment: stretchers, first aid kits, splints and collars, first response equipment and life support systems.
  • Rescue vehicles: on-site command post, ambulance.
  • Supply of patrol boats, outboard boats, tug boats, jet skis.
  • Boat equipment, rescue and emergency equipment, spare parts.
  • Beach lifeguard towers.
  • Water rescue equipment: Diving equipment, rescue buoys, dry suits, life jackets.
  • Port machinery and equipment: container carriers, cranes, hoists, pallet racking systems, containers.
  • Firefighter, rescue and personnel transport vehicles: first responders cars, both heavy and light urban or country fire engines, turntable ladders and articulated arms, rescue loaders, industrial firefighter vehicles for airports.
  • Firefighting equipment: approach, proximity and entry suits, breathing equipment, hydraulic tools, search cameras, fire hoses, thermal imaging cameras, air mattresses for elevation.
  • Construction of fully equipped fire stations.
  • Supply of police vehicles: patrol cars, mobile vans, riot tanks, cranes for the removal of heavy and light vehicles, motorcycles, quads.
  • Clothing and police and riot gear.
  • Radio equipment. fixed and mobile radars.
  • Equipment for prisons. Supply and installation of fixed and mobile camps: vehicles, tents, field kits, maintenance equipment, warehouse equipment and packaging systems…
  • Vocational training centers. Vehicle repair workshops.
  • Military clothing and accessories.

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